Volunteer at The Foundry

There are many different areas to get involved, help and volunteer at the Foundry. Click on the Sign up button below and complete the form, select the areas in which you are interested in serving. 


We value The Table. Without you we’re not us, there’s a seat for you. We laugh hard, loud, often and there is nothing better than a table with good friends. There is something sacred in gathering and we will gather and do life together for every reason possible. We do life together– the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sign Up.


We value Transformation, and it all begins at the door. It can be intimidating walking into a new church and a warm greeting can make all the difference. Join the Welcome Team to be a part of transformation in someone's life. Sign Up.


We value our kids and we value being Seriously Fun by learning from their joyful abandon. Serving our Children's Ministry and Nursery is rewarding and life giving. Sign Up.

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Worship is a major part of who we are. Having the chance to lead others into the presence of God by utilizing the talents He gave us is an absolute privilege in this life. If you feel the Lord calling you to join the worship team Sign Up for an Audition.