LEAD Pastor

Hello, I am Eric Folkers. I am married to Erica and we have three amazing children. Joshua, IsabelIa & Ethan. I was born in Colorado and raised in both Colorado and San Diego, California. I was in missions for six years in my early and mid-20’s and that is where I met a darling bright eyed Dutch Girl named Erica. Erica was born and raised in Zeeland at First Reformed. That is how I made my way up to Michigan… I followed her home!

Erica and I are crazy about each other because it is fun being in love and because God gave us a unique understanding of each other’s humor. We laugh a lot and are passionate about Christ and people knowing HIM! We love our three children immensely and we love celebrating life in big and little ways with them. We also love travel, date nights, date days and until my daughter starts dating, I think dating is great! We also have a dog Shadow (Shadrack) and even though he is not super bright, he is awesome, sweet and dearly loved!