Foundry NEXT


We believe that God is currently up to something big in the West Michigan, Lakeshore area and has invited Foundry Church to play an integral part. Though He hasn’t revealed the complete picture, we’ve a glimpse that gives direction for the coming year. This big, audacious dream includes: 

    1) A new campus in the North Holland area called Foundry West at Benjamin’s Hope featuring video teaching, live worship and a Campus Pastor to serve and care for the community assembled there.

    2) A larger Foundry facility with increased seating capacity located at the center of a growing Zeeland community that will be called Foundry Live and will serve as a hub for all present and future ministry sites.

    3) A multifunctional Ministry Center on Main Street that allows space for creative initiatives including C-Ya Monday night services and Youth Ministries.




Overcrowded space at Main Site may have caused us to imagine new solutions to allowing all worship attenders to stay, but our real concern is that we remain in step with our vision to reach the un- and de-churched in our community. With over 50% of Zeeland/Holland unreached our mission compels us with urgency to know God and make Him known in new and exciting ways. When the church is full, people are less likely to invite others. Part of this is because you are worried it will be crowded and your invited guests may not get to sit together. And when the auditorium is less full, you want to fill it up.


Take a look at the areas of involvement in the Foundry NEXT campaign and prayerfully decide how God would want you to take part. You can commit to any or all of the following areas. Read on to learn more about how to take part.

1. Foundry NEXT Prayer TEAM

Listen to this quick video where Alison describes the prayer needs for Foundry NEXT. While all are asked to be praying for discernment and wisdom for leadership decisions as well as how God may be calling you to become involved, we are assembling a team of individuals who will commit to regularly lifting up the NEXT campaign through individual and corporate prayer gathering throughout each phase of the journey forward. If you are interested in learning more about or being informed about prayer opportunities please contact Alison Elders 



Listen to the short video by Pastor Eric Peterson to learn more about the Foundry West Campus. 

Because we want to see all un-churched and de-churched people come to Christ, because the body of Christ assembled at Foundry Church includes those commuting from neighborhoods in the Holland area, and because there exist unreached people in that area who need a spiritual community to belong to, God had opened up an opportunity to team up with Pastor Eric Peterson and launch a new Foundry Site on the campus of Benjamin’s Hope on Riley Street. A critical mass of 150 people who are currently participating at Foundry Church on Main Street is desired to successfully plant this new church. We are inviting you to consider whether God is asking you to be involved on the first Foundry Launch team. If you are interested in learning more or signing up for the Foundry West launch CONTACT: Pastor Eric Peterson, e.peterson@benjamin'


3. Foundry Live Building Project

    The Foundry one year dream includes the construction of a larger worship facility called Foundry Live on the SE corner of 100th St and Royal Park Drive. The Building Team is looking for resource and “sweat equity” partners who will volunteer time, construction resources, services, and skills to keep building costs to a minimum. If you would like more information about serving on this team or to sign up CONTACT: Chris Kallemeyn,


4. Foundry NEXT Giving Challenge

    We are asking you to pray about giving a one time gift and/or a one year pledge over and above the tithe to help financially support the Foundry NEXT project. On Wednesday, August 22, we will be gathering at the Foundry Live site to celebrate the personal investments of the Foundry people and to pray over the Foundry NEXT vision. On that night we will be collecting pledge cards that indicate what God has laid on people's hearts to give. For example, maybe you tithe to the church regularly, but feel the Lord prompting you to commit to giving a one time gift of $1000 and $10.00 more a week towards the building. Foundry NEXT pledge cards can be picked up at Foundry Church on Main Street.