Our vision

Go deeper in your Faith, Relationships and the Word.

We need to be rooted in Christ so that our life produces fruit for the Kingdom. At The Foundry, we have a weekly rhythm to help our church grow deep roots in The Word, worship, and faith community.


First → we study and reflect on the Weekly Devotions as an individual or with our families to prepare our hearts for the upcoming service. 

Second → we gather together in worship on Sunday & Monday to hear the word of God.    

Third → we are a part of a Group that meets once a week to grow deeper as a community. 


Weekly Devotions

We believe that it is essential for us to dive into the word of God in our homes as an individual and with our families. So we have created a way for you to engage in study, discussion and reflection based on the sermon that you will hear the following Sunday. You can simply scroll through the digital PDF to use or Print it out as well. Click the button below to get started.



As we grow as a church we must be more intentional about the environments where relationships can form. We highly encourage joining a Group where we will discuss the sermon each week around tables, eat and engage with others.  

Groups at the Foundry first form as Starter Groups where we help you along the first three weeks and facilitate a meeting place in our building. After three weeks we lovingly push you out of the nest to continue your Group as a Home Group where you will decide together how and when to meet each week.  

Click Group Resources to view the Leader Guide and Sermon Recap Video.

Click Join a Group if you are interested in joining a Group.